Many people may not think of Wilmington, DE as a destination for foodies, but it’s actually quite an important city for Amtrak, and it’s a highlight of the Summer by Rail journey for Chef Madi. Wilmington is home to Amtrak’s test kitchen, where Amtrak chefs cook up new meals and continue to improve new ones to make them taste even better. And when working on a new recipe or menu, some of the country’s top chefs have come to Amtrak’s test kitchen.  

Chefs who have helped Amtrak develop its menu over the years include: 

  • Michel Richard, owner of Central in Washington; 
  • Tom Douglas, a James Beard Award-winning chef from Seattle; and  
  • Sara Jenkins, chef and owner of East Village restaurants Porchetta and Porsena 

Though Chef Madi will not cook with these chefs, she will be able to work with Amtrak chefs and see firsthand how Amtrak goes about preparing its meals and menus for its various trains nationwide.

Wilmington is also known for its “romantic tale of two cultures.” Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley is a sponsor of Summer by Rail, and the organization prides itself on bringing together the “banking and innovation, with world-class restaurants, museums, performing arts venues, and of course, tax-free shopping” that exists in Wilmington, and the “country lanes, where elegant estates and glorious gardens of a bygone era are a testament to the wealth and influence of the du Pont family and the beauty of their legacy” that thrives in the Brandywine Valley.

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