Once again riding the Crescent, Chef Madi will travel to one of the most, if not the most, unique cities in the U.S. for food – New Orleans. Chef Madi will arrive at New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, which also serves The Sunset Limited and City of New Orleans. The station receives about 190,000 passengers each year.

Chef Madi will not only be able to see and taste a variety of unique foods that have been inspired by Creole and Cajun dishes, with a bit of soul mixed in, she will also be able to learn about how food has been a major part of rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Dishes of the Big Easy include Etouffee, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Beignets and much more.

Chef Madi will be able to sample some of these great foods at Brennan’s Restaurant. Brennan’s, a sponsor of Summer by Rail, has been a part of New Orleans since 1946, when the restaurant first opened its doors to serve modern Creole food. It’s a New Orleans tradition that any local or tourist has to try.

In addition, Chef Madi will also learn how passenger rail can play a vital role in connecting New Orleans to the rest of the Gulf Coast. After Hurricane Katrina, the region lost the Sunset Limited service, which linked New Orleans to Mobile, AL. Since that time, Rail Passengers, the Southern Rail Commission and other advocate groups have pushed to restore the service.

While in New Orleans, Chef Madi will also be staying at Catahoula Hotel, a supporting sponsor of this year’s trip.

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