For the penultimate leg of Summer by Rail, Chef Madi will be taking the Texas Eagle to Los Angeles. She’ll step off the train at Los Angeles Union Station, the busiest passenger rail station in the Western U.S. The station opened in 1939 and sees more than 1.7 million Amtrak passengers a year. It also serves the Los Angeles Metro system, as well as Metrolink. With three major rail services, the station sees 110,000 passengers a day.

Despite these impressive numbers and the city’s easy access to public transit systems, there is still a heavy reliance on the automobile to get around – to work, to school or to go out for dinner. Part of Chef Madi’s time in LA will be to understand what makes driving the way to move in LA, when public transit is so accessible, convenient, and cleaner.

Then before the trip is over, Chef Madi will also be able to sample LA’s culinary delights. In 2017, Food & Wine explored how LA has become one world’s best cities for food. For example, LA has a booming vegetable and vegan restaurant scene. Though there are still plenty of meat-focused restaurants to enjoy as well.

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