For one last leg on the Southwest Chief, Chef Madi will be traveling to Flagstaff, AZ. The Flagstaff Amtrak station opened in 1926 and services about 40,000 Amtrak passengers every year. In addition to Albuquerque, Flagstaff was one of the several stations that would have lost Amtrak train service under the passenger railroad’s bus-bridge proposal. The proposal would have linked Dodge City, KS and Albuquerque with a bus service.

With population of around 70,000 people,and the number of Amtrak passengers Flagstaff sees every year, highlight how important the Southwest Chief is to the area in terms of tourism, economic development, and general transportation.

While in Flagstaff, Chef Madi will be able to indulge in what Outside Magazine has called a “culinary revolution” in 2017. A city that used to appeal to tourist’s appetite’s, chefs have recently come to the city to expand Flagstaff’s menu options – “authentic Mexican, high-end steaks, wood-fired pizza, or true Italian-style pasta.”

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