Chef Madi will also have the opportunity to visit Biloxi, MS – a city that also hurt by Katrina and lost Amtrak’s Sunset Limited service following Hurricane Katrina. Chef Madi and her family also have a strong history in New Orleans and Biloxi. Chef Madi spent nearly a year volunteering to help rebuild Mississippi immediately after Hurricane Katrina, and it will be a unique opportunity for her to see how much the area has progressed since that time.

Due to a lack of passenger rail from New Orleans to Biloxi, Chef Madi will make the 90-minute journey by rental car. Much like cities that lost service in 2005, local officials and community members in Biloxi have been pushing for the restoration of service, which many people used to heavily rely.

When in Biloxi, Chef Madi will also be meeting with the Friendship Club – a group of local senior women that are dedicated to the enrichment of their community, including supporting passenger rail.

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